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This is where I offer not only my services as a reader but free sample readings on occasion
I have been a reader for over 15 years. My readings are fast and accurate. You will always get an honest reading, whether it's short or long, from me. A motto I stand by is "Don't ask questions you don't want an answer to." That's simply how I operate.

While I am an accurate reader, I am not a psychic or a medium. What that means is that I can not give you super detailed exact answers like the color of the clothes you are wearing right now or where you left your keys. And I can not/will not communicate with the deceased.

What I do is guidance. The "How's" and the "Why's". If that is what you are looking for them you came to the right place.

Feel free to participate in any free reading samples, when they are available.

Hope you enjoy your time here.